“It takes a special person to navigate and uncover true insights while conducting qualitative research in someone’s home and Peter was masterful at this. His sense of empathy and understated confidence allowed him to hold meaningful conversations with people while getting them to open up about their needs, desires, and behaviors. Peter was organized, very professional, and a pleasure to work with. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”
— Mitchell Murphy VP Design & Creative, Leesa Sleep
“Peter gave me some terrific branding advice at the point when we were first exploring what the Code2040 brand was, how to define it, and how to manifest that in our work. He explained frameworks in a way that was very accessible for someone with no branding background (me!). I appreciated his insight at a critical time in Code2040’s brand development!”
— Laura Weidman Powers, Founder Code2040
“I had the pleasure to know Peter thanks to one of our investors while we were looking for a consultant to help us refine our brand strategy. Peter was absolutely brilliant and extremely efficient in both the methodology employed and the results he delivered.…I would recommend Peter to anyone who’s looking to establish or relaunch a brand in a way that is both authentic and powerful.”
— Adriano Farano, Founder of Watchup
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter. The first project Peter and I were engaged in was a fundamental piece of consumer work to confirm the relevance of an iconic brand positioning. It required to thoroughly understand the meaning of that positioning, its relevance to individuals as consumers but also to individuals as shoppers and then help the brand team codify the positioning and its implications on all the elements of the mix. Always putting the human truth first, Peter was able to help us to decipher hours and hours of interactions with consumers to help us structure a very strategic and fundamental piece of work.”
— Philippe Harousseau, CMO GoGoSqueeZ at the time we worked together
“I had the chance to work closely with Peter on a project to better understand consumer motivations and emotions in our category. Peter did a tremendous job of conversing with and listening to people, then translating their thoughts into a meaningful framework to help us better understand our category opportunity. I look forward to working with Peter again soon!”
— Brian Berklich, One Better Ventures (now CMO at Sports Endeavors)
“Peter is not just an Ethnographer. He’s an Empathetic Anthropologist. His insights and ability to help translate them into usable strategy was key. Can’t wait to work with him again!”
— Max Kabat, goodDog Strategy
We recently hired Peter to help us more clearly understand our consumer and their relationship with our brand. I’ve worked with several qualitative researchers, and by far, Peter’s unique approach is the most effective in getting deep into the emotions that drive the consumer experience. He’s highly creative in how he probes consumers to think about the brand, what it means to them and where it fits in their life. Based on his work, we are highly confident that we know what we need to do to move the brand forward. I look forward to working with Peter again on future projects!
— Annamarie de la Cruz, Director, Consumer Insights at Weight Watchers
Peter Spear is outstanding. He has a towering strength among qualitative researchers. Peter is naturally astute at getting underneath what drives and motivates consumers, uncovers it, describes it and synthesizes it into an action plan. I recommend Peter to find things that make a difference and are not found by standard focus groups or qualitative measures.
— James Alexander, VP Insight & Analytics, Outdoor Sports Group
Peter was a great partner to me during my time at GoGo squeeZ - helping me craft research that asked the right questions to inform critical strategic decisions. I really appreciated Peter’s ability to design, execute and interpret qualitative research that uncovered meaningful insights. I would not hesitate to work with Peter again.
— Jeannette Cornell, VP Brand at GoGoSqueeZ at the time we worked together
Peter served as a branding advisor and mentor for the teams that ran through Gannett’s internal product innovation incubator. He worked with each team to understand their product’s brand essence and used listening techniques to help them get establish a brand platform. Peter brought a highly strategic point of view that pushed these teams and moved them along the innovation process. They would not have developed such deep and engaging brands without him.
— Laura Ramos, VP Innovation & Design, Gannett
We worked with Peter in the early days of our company, Pop Up Archive, on branding strategy. He led us through some great exercises that helped us formalize the values, personality, and story of our brand. The whole experience was humanizing and elucidating — and as a side note, Peter is super fun to work with, too. Over two years later, the identity he helped us create is still the core of our branding and marketing.
— Anne Wootton, Co-founder CEO of Pop Up Archive